Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Four Week Check Up

Kaitlyn just had her four week check up and everything still looks good. She will have surgery on March 4th to the pins removed from her hip. The doctor told me they will take her cast off, give her a bath (yippee), remove the pins, then give her a new, smaller spica cast. Her new cast will go to the knees on both legs. I'm assuming within a week or two of being in the new cast she will start walking or at least giving it a good go at it. Currently she pulls up and has even climbed on occasion. For the most part she crawls everywhere she wants to go. Saturday we were at the mall and let her play in the play area. She was crawling all over the place.

Speaking of Saturday... Neal flew in for the weekend. Him and I went to the mall with Kaitlyn on Saturday. They rode the carousel together and we went to Build-A-Bear where Kaitlyn brought Pippin to life. Every night I lay Kaitlyn in bed then pull out Pippin's PJs and dress her too. In case you are wondering Pippin is a fuzzy dog with a voice box in one paw that makes her bark and pant.

On Sunday we went to the Houston zoo. Kaitlyn really liked seeing the giraffes. They have a tunnel going through one of their fish tanks. Kaitlyn loved seeing the fish up close. The one problem was other children were using the tunnel just as a tunnel, not another way to see fish. Kaitlyn kept saying, "fish! fish!" I had to crawl into the other side and pull her out.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

What a cool weekend you had. Made Valentine's Day that much more special for both of you I'm sure! I love the pic of her in the tube. What an awesome way for her to experience the fish!

MistySkye said...

She looks like she had a lot of fun.