Saturday, February 21, 2009


Kaitlyn's clothing situation is starting to drive me nuts. I can buy her very little that will actually fit. It seems most knit dresses are A-line which doesn't work well with a spica cast. If I do happen to breakdown and buy an A-line dress I get it in 4t hoping the two sizes bigger will help it flow over her cast better; it works, but isn't the best choice. Since being in the cast I made her a t-shirt dress (see the "Pulling Up" post for a bad picture of the dress) and recently a skirt with Sew Sensible's Twirl Skort pattern. Of course I still can't get Kaitlyn's legs into anything because her knees are to far apart so I left the pantaloons off the skirt. Also, instead of the ruffle, I capped the bottom of the skirt. Because of Kaitlyn's big cast of a waist the normally full skirt doesn't look so full. I'm about to make another skirt only this time I plan to add a few more inches to the width so it will flow over her cast better.

And now one of my bigger frustrations with her clothing issue... stains. I've never had such a hard time getting Kaitlyn's clothes clean before. She can't sit up and eat like normal so more stuff falls on her clothes. Because of the possibility of stains I never let her eat a banana on her own before, but now she does and there are stains to prove it. I swear this stuff is stronger then Spray and Wash or Shout. I don't like the idea of making her something then having her immediately staining it. She actually has gotten stains on clothes the first time she wears it since having her cast on. I have 3-4 things that have come out of the washer several times sitting around with Shout on it waiting for one more try in the washer.

Okay, enough complaining, I still have two books to read, two skirts and a dress to make, and my “Make-It-Up-As-You-Go-Along-Quilt!” to finish.

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Dragon's Dolphin said...

I hate to say I told you so, but.... Have you tried the new Simply Sunday Dress on YCMT? That might help you out some.
I know that you (and she) feel like she is too old for bibs. But maybe you need to make some "matching" or "special" Clothing Protectors for her for when she eats. Or insist that when she eats that she puts a towel over her new clothes. Because she is crawling everywhere, I'm sure you're getting extra dirt and food ground into her clothing from her being on her tummy as well. I don't know how to make that any better, sorry. Have you tried adding a scoop of OxyClean into the laundry when you wash? That might help bring the stains up and out better as well.
I know it is all frustrating. I'm just trying to give you a couple of suggestions that might help you a bit.
Go read a bit and forget the laundry, the stains, the housework. And remember, we are here for you to complain to and we listen. We may not have any answers to help you other than to allow you to vent--and that may help as much as anything; but we are here!