Saturday, January 17, 2009


Things are happening quickly with Kaitlyn's hip surgery.

Just to catch everyone up... On Monday of last week I faxed our insurance paper off. On Tuesday Kaitlyn was assigned a pediatrician. Wednesday we saw her pedi for the first time and got a new referral for an Orthopedic Surgeon. On Monday I get a call saying the referral was made out for the hospital the clinic is in, not the clinic, so it's bad. I then switched her Tuesday appointment with the ortho surgeon to Thursday. Thursday we spent all day at the clinic/hospital seeing the surgeon, filling out paperwork and waiting. The waiting is a killer. It was driving me nuts. So two weeks from faxing off our insurance forms Kaitlyn will have her surgery. By the way, that two week mark is this Monday. Yep, two days away.

Am I up for her being in a body cast? Am I ready for her to have surgery? Am I ready for the sleepless nights and Kaitlyn being in pain? Well... I'm ready for it all to be behind me. This is going to be the longest three plus months of my life. When I told the dr we are going to Guam in May he was quick to say it can't happen. I told him we should be able to get our tickets changed for a later date. He said we would have to stay here at least a year from the surgery. Today Neal has been trying to cancel the orders for Guam. It's either cancel the orders or spend one to one and a half years apart. I'm not sure how that will work out.

And the "quilt". I'm not sure when I will get to work on it. I've gotten as far as washing the fabric, but haven't had a chance to iron and cut it out. I'm not sure when the opportunity will present itself.

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