Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big Request!!!

I'm working on what I would like to call Showers of Stickers. Kaitlyn LOVES stickers; small ones, big ones, shiny ones, simple ones, she likes them all. Some of the ladies from a discussion board I have belonged for the passed three years are sending Kaitlyn stickers.

So now I'm turning to my blog readers to ask if any of you would like to "shower" Kaitlyn with stickers. You don't really have to shower her actually. Just get one of those flat sheets of stickers that fit into an envelope.

Kaitlyn is going to have a LONG recovery follow her surgery on Monday and I'm hoping the stickers will give her some joy. After a meltdown at the hospital on Thursday I found some glittery Christmas ornament stickers in the diaper bag that made her HAPPY. I told her they were "shiny" which I knew she would relate to her favorite preschool show, The Shiny Show. She kept saying "shiny" while paying with the sheet of stickers.

So if you would like to be apart of making a little girl happy during her long recovery you can email me at njclark8203(@)aol(.)com for our address. Just take the ( ) out of the email address to reach me. Thanks!!!


Dragon's Dolphin said...

What an AWESOME idea! A sticker shower! I love it! And you can count me in. If I can get my computer to cooperate with AOL today, I will be emailing you. Don't know if you saw my comment on your last blog. But I am there with you girl. I hope I didn't scare you with it. BTW, how old is your beautiful Kaitlyn? What else does she like? Special dolls? I see you sew for her already. Be sure to have skirts or dresses that are NOT fitted at the waist for after surgery--oversized T-shirts will be good for her for the first few days at home!

MistySkye said...

of course I'm there. She's going to need something to brighten her up.

Hilary said...

I'll be thinking about you kaitlyn!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I know you're at the hospital today and will be for a couple of days. Know that my heart, thoughts and prayers are with Kaitlyn as she goes through the surgery, and with you and Neal while you have to wait.

Hilary said...

just checking in to see how the surgery went today... hopefully great!! stickers are on there way tomorrow..darn post office closed today...get better kaitlyn..hang in there momma!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Know that you're still at the hospital with beautiful Kaitlyn; but I do have a special for YOU, not her, waiting for you at No hints. Just come by and see what is waiting for you. ;)
My love and prayers to the three of you. Shelly