Monday, December 1, 2008

Today's Accomplishments

I've been kicking tail today and just had to share a couple photos. Alright now that I take the picture it doesn't seem so much like kicking tail. Here they are anyway...
The flash is killing the colors of this pillowcase dress and pants. Today I finished the dress and made the pants. In the past I put elastic between the main fabric and the cuff of the pants. as of right now I'm leaving these like they are. **edit** I forgot to add these are Boutique Bottoms by Sew Sensible.

This doll outfit is the same as the one I made yesterday other then I shorten the pants 1" so it won't cover the dolls feet.

My other accomplishment was sewing up some pants of mine. *insert blushing* Last week I was dressing for church when I decided to iron my pants (thank God). While straightening my pants I noticed there was a hole in the rear. For heaven's sake if I hadn't ironed the pants I would have worn them that way. I'm so glad I took a moment to look less frumpy. Well today I restored my black dress pants to their former glory with an extra seam as back up. =)

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