Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Doll Dress

I made Kaitlyn's doll a dress today and I'm not happy with it. I finished it a few minutes ago. I used the same pattern I've been using for all the tops. I decided where I wanted the ruffles to begin and started cutting the bottom of the dress off in 1.5" strips. I sewed on a ruffle, then a 1.5" strip, then ruffle #2, then a 1.5" strip, then ruffle #3. I now wished I wouldn't have gone with the size of ruffles the dress/top calls for. I think they are a bit long. I also don't like how wide the top is without the ruffles. Anyway, it's so wide and a bit on the short side that I'm thinking about making some of the pants without the ruffles and adding elastic to make bloomers.
I took this picture right before taking Kaitlyn up to bed. She is such a stinker. She won't smile for the camera. I know what you're thinking, "she's smiling here". If you try to tickle her or go to tickle her she will smile for you and hold it long enough for you to take a picture. That's the only way I can get her to smile for the camera.

Our house is cold!!! Brrr... I really did just shiver. What stinks is our heat has been on all day yet the house has stayed a bit drafty. On weather.com it says it's 31 here, feels like 24 and will be down to 26 tonight. Brrr.... We really need it to warm up. Start praying now that it will be in the 40s (at least) when we fly out of here. If it's below 20 there is no way for us to fly the dogs out. We have to get the vet to sign a form allowing them to fly below 45 degrees. Mind you all of that is talking about the ground temp. They don't want your pet sitting on the tarmac freezing awaiting to be loaded. Poor Kensey, he gets cold easy. I wish they would allow him to wear a sweater, but they won't.

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