Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stash Diving

How often do you dive into your notions stash when making an outfit? Or even try out some the special stitches on your sewing machine? Yesterday I poked through everything, cut out the pattern, then I couldn't find my Wonder Under so I decided that meant I was done for the night. After church I got back on my project.

I used some ric-rac for the stem of my flower and used Wonder Under to put the flower and leaf on the top. I was impressed how well the zig-zag stitch went around the flower. I used tear away stabilizer for the first time and it worked like a dream.

Here's what it looks like with the finished bottom portion (pockets). Crude as it may be the four buttons on the bottom right is a butterfly. I sewed the dark blue ric-rac onto the pocket. I actually used a double seam on the top of the pocket so the ric-rac would be more stable.

I layered a second flower onto the top. After ironing it on I measured out my ric-rac again and heat sealed the ends. Did you know you could heat seal the ends of ric-rac? It really helped with the fraying.

And here I was finally finished with all my additions so I could sew it all together. Please excuse the blue lines on the pocket. I wanted to make sure I sewed them straight so I drew lines on with a washable pen.

Here's my first set of button holes and buttons on a garment. I love how easy it is to make button holes with my new machine. I put the special foot on, line it up, and press the petal. Before long I have button hole. I also used the sewing machine to put the buttons on.

My last picture is the completely finished top. Tomorrow I will make pants out of the same blue fabric in the flowers. I'm wanting to put pink flowers on the pants too. I just have to decide how I want them to look.

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Hilary said...

I love this outfit too..thinking about you and kaitlyn..hope everything is going good! Have you sent an date for her surgery yet? Bless both your hearts..praying for your family :)