Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Projects and Makka Pakka

Today I made the bloomers for the doll dress I made a few days ago. I know what took so long. Using the pants pattern it was really easy. I'm glad I made them.
I know I bought this fabric for two different projects, but I'm going to use some of it to test Nanette's new pattern. I thought it could be fun colors to mix and match. I have yet to decided exactly which two will be used for the top. Now ask me why I didn't wash it until today? I have no idea. I went to cut out the fabric and noticed my slacking made me put the project off yet again.
You may not be able to see this picture well. If you are really curious you can click on the picture to make it larger. Today's activities consisted of trying out my two different button hole options and sewing on a button. I'm impressed how well it sewed the button on. Now do I dare try it on my coat? It needs two buttons sewn back on. My machine has auto tension. The manual says if you are going to use the satin stitch to adjust the tension. Well I played with it, but found it to pucker less if you leave the tension alone.
And finally for my family members who were wondering what or who Makka Pakka is... Well, take a look for yourself.

He's from the a British children's TV show call In The Night Garden (ITNG). He says his famous lines along with his theme song. All the ITNG characters have their own song. We also have Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle, but we haven't given them to her yet. She will get those for her birthday. We gave her this one last night after we picked him up.

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