Saturday, December 13, 2008

Packing up

As of today our Christmas tree is packed. We took it down while Kaitlyn was napping. One thing I just noticed is she hasn't mentioned the missing tree. Neal took all the ornaments and garland off only to find a few unauthorized ornaments. A sippy cup and a couple toys had taken up residence in the tree. I expected it. I told him to give the tree a good shake when he was done, but all he had to do was move the tree.

LOL... I think Neal is going to cry. I just said, "Kaitlyn, where's the tree?" Her eyes got big as she looked around the room saying, "Where's Christmas? Where's Christmas?" Okay, she is still asking. I was laughing to hard as I looked at Neal with pity in his eyes. He had to confirm what she was asking.

Today we sold her Around-We-Go table/activity center. It was a great toy. We finally put it away five months ago because we were having to live with so many toys, not because she stopped playing with it. This morning Neal took it out of the garage, through the house then out to the car. He wasn't quick enough. He left the table top against the couch while he took the base and seat out to the car. When he came back for it, Kaitlyn was watching. He had one side of the table and her the other; she was crying and pulling. I told her we have to say bye-bye to the table and give it to another baby. She wasn't buying it. She wanted her table.

And to keep the post on the sad side, my sewing machine is now packed. =( This morning I shortened the elastic in the neck of a doll top then handed the machine off to Neal to put back in it's original box. I then went through all the craziness on the table and either put it in a large baggy to take with me to Texas or sorted it in my craft bins. Here's the last three doll outfits I made this week.
The jumper is actually on the big side. I'm a bit puzzled at the sizing the author used. The dress underneath should stick out the bottom a little, but there is not way that would happen with as long as the jumper is. I'm glad I ran out of fabric before I could add the ruffle that should be on this jumper. Instead I put fabric around the bottom like binding.

Notice this one looks like the skirt I made Kaitlyn a couple weeks ago. I actually shrunk down the apron from that pattern to make this apron. I had debated putting elastic around the waist of the dress, but didn't do it. Now I wish I had. I think she apron would lay better.

This was my last creation. It's REALLY made up of scraps. I was going to make it all blue with a yellow strip (like is on it), but quickly realized I didn't have enough blue. I hated to use the yellow for the sleeves, but thought it wouldn't look so bad if I put the blue on for both the ruffles and elastic band. The flower on the front was actually on a small piece of scraps I had from making the pants. I was about to throw it away when I got the idea of putting the flower on the top. As you can see I did put the elastic in the chest/waist band this time. I wish I had remembered the pants pattern are a bit long for Kaitlyn's doll. I would have shortened them if I had remembered. Oh, well...

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MistySkye said...

I hate packing, I bet your dreading this whole process. I hope everything goes smooth for you guys. I can't wait to see you!