Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wake up!

What were you thinking America! When you open xanga and see people you know making comments on their blog like "They asked for it, so give them their king" you know we really messed up. I just hope there's no damage he can do (beyond the deaths of to many more babies at his bloody hands) that can't be overturned in four years.

Heaven help us we are about to go for a wild ride.

What has really infuriated me throughout the election is how his campaign did everything short of buying college students vote. When you hear of people standing outside of a Clinton rally handing out concert tickets to keep them away it shows a candidates true colors. The college age say they are voting for once and doing so because they are wise, it makes me want to smack them and say "Wake up!!! Your vote has been bought by a smooth talking snake! You're not wise, you're deceived."

The US has already been moving into financial hard times. I predict one of two things will happen. Our new snake... umm president (man that leaves a bad taste in the mouth) will start to try pulling the troops home. The problem with to many troops being stateside is they aren't needed there. If you're not needed then cutbacks will soon follow. However we can't pull out of Iraq early. Pulling out of Iraq early declaring it was the wrong war will cause a bigger mess. Lord willing it won't bring that mess on our soil. The poor citizens in Iraq may just be sacrificed at the hands of someone who himself wouldn't serve. Yes, I know he directly won't kill them, but his actions will cause the liberals whom our troops have been fighting to simply take over. Of course our pull out won't last long. Even if out of principle (and that is how he seems to vote) he chooses to never go into Iraq again the wake of the turmoil there will spill into other countries causing us the need to go into them. If he refuses to fight, period... Oh let me say that more accurately, if he refuses to let those who have volunteered fight (because we all know he never has) then other countries will see us for the cowards we have become and know they can join the fight against the US. Guess what? We can't suddenly say, "I'm with Switzerland", meaning we are neutral on where we stand. We have been in the game to long to suddenly go sit on the sidelines. Just wait we will probably go from wanting to let troops go (more lost jobs) to highly encouraging people to enlist because we are now (meaning 2-3 years from now) in deeper poo then before.


Hilary said...

I know I am scared too. I really didn't want the murder to win either..someone who doesn't think LIFE is precious at any stage is an idiot! I can complain I voted!! I really hope this president doesn;t make ya'll life harder,,I could go on and on but I won't.

Hilary said...

Oh I am sorry to leave you wondering. I voted for Mccain..not Obama....All we can do is pray for our country!! I call him a murder because of the abortion issues. Life is precious..no matter if it's a baby or soldier....

Sara said...

Frankly, I'm starting to question the efficacy of a democracy when your electorate consists of uneducated morons. For instance, states whose economies rely on the coal industry voting for a man who says he'll effectively eliminate the industry. Um...stupid?!
I'm working through my seven stages of grief, but I'm pretty hung up on the anger stage right now. Is it obvious?