Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

It has taken forever for this day to arrive. The media has treated the election like a pregnancy. Everything has been building up to today. Maybe pregnancy isn't the best way to describe it seeing how one person who may get in today is fine with abortions being done all the way to term. Hmmm... If he gets in can we abort? If that's the case I guess it's a shame I'm pro-life.

Recently I was reading someones outraged comment about those who are pro-life. He went off on how we want to save babies, but are fine with others dying. Well... he didn't put it so simply. I was frustrated reading his post. We can't lump an unborn baby in the same category as a murderer. If he wants to say all pro-lifers are for the death penalty, war and so forth then can I say all pro-choice are against the death penalty? How much sense does it make to take an innocent life yet preserve a guilty one? The term pro-life and this guys take on it reminded me of a discussion Neal and I had once on how people who live in North America are technically Americans. Well, Neal said they were Americans anyway; I disagreed and he finally did too. I rationalized it by the term "American" refers to those born in the US just like those born in Mexico are Mexican.

Just like a mother in labor, I can't wait for this day to be behind us. I pray all who goes to the polls will have wisdom. They will not vote on race be it black or white, democrat or republican. I pray those who have been blinded by smooth talking will have their eyes opened before they vote.

It doesn't matter what party you claim, what matters is how you vote. Some of my extended family can be so stuck on a party that they will vote for a bad person just because they are in their party. Drop the racism! Take a moment to really pray about it. Who would God have you vote for? Personally I think the choice is clear; I just hope others clean their glasses so they are seeing clearly too.

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