Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Brother

I know I'm married; I know I have a child to worry about; I know my brother is older, but none of that changes the fact that the older I get the more out I am to fight you when you say anything negative about my brother. If you take something from him (aka the resent thief who kept breaking into his house) it makes me want to hunt you down like the dirty animal you are and take care of you myself. I would have no problem sitting in my brother's house with a gun waiting on you to crawl through a window. And Mr. Thief, I would exercise Texas law to the fullest extent by shooting to kill as soon as you pick up one item that doesn't belong to you.

Beyond my desire to kill for my brother (only legally of course) there are the ladies. Anyone who knows my brother at all, knows he doesn't take matters of the heart lightly. I can count on one hand the number of girls he has expressed interest in. It's not that he isn't attracted to other girls, he just keeps it to himself. He has only dated one person and that ended very oddly. They didn't go out long and maybe a month after it ended she got married. Totally bazaar. I want my brother to be happy. I would love to see him married with a baby on the way. Even if he only has one child, I would love for him to have the same experience as me (not the infertility part) with the anticipation of the gender, the unpredictable arrival, and being totally lost in the newest person in your life who has completely captured your heart.

I feel his problem is he needs a new batch of Godly women in his life. He needs women who love God first and are eligible. I would prefer for "the one" not to have children, but he is open and always has been. I just want to make sure when he gets married there will at least be a chance for him to have a child of his own and I'm afraid if she already has kids she will not want more. Ladies, I'm taking applications. If your not a Christian, single, or live North of Houston, there's no need to apply. Not only will your application be denied, but we will use it as fire starter for our New Years bonfire. I will wad it up and with a shout of "No thank you!!!" set it on fire. And going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more then being in a garage makes you a car. You must be a Christian not just a church goer. One last thing, he turned 34 in September and could use a wife within five years of his age.

By the way ladies... no games. Don't play with his heart then walk the other way. Be upfront about your intentions. If you don't plan on having kids tell him; it's better he either plan to never have children of his own or find someone who wants kids. If you are secretly in a relationship tell him; he will find out eventually. !!!!!!Most importantly!!!!!! DO NOT PLAY WITH HIS HEART, IT'S NOT A TOY! If you can abide by all these guidelines then please apply now.

One last request by all who read this; don't share this with my brother. Grandma that means you! =) I can picture his desire to elbow me now. LOL...


Hilary said...

How cute are you!! I wish your brother alot of luck :)

MistySkye said...

Hey, I've wished marriage and children for your brother to. He will make a good husband. These women have not seen what is truly in his heart. I will be praying that God blows his mind!