Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crochet Project

I've decided to do a bit of crocheting. Since seeing the Newborn Doll Snowsuit on You Can Make This I've wanted to make it. I finally broke down and bought the pattern yesterday.

When I started the snowsuit I had no idea how big the doll in the picture is. Kaitlyn's dolls are smaller, maybe 13-15". This doll must be HUGE because there is no way the sack bottom would fit Kaitlyn's dolls. She could lay them in the bottom and use the shoulder straps to carry them around. LOL. I'm only working on the bottom so far and it looks like I will easily be able to shrink it down for Kaitlyn's dolls. I'm a bit worried about getting the top the right size. I guess I will be doing a lot of ripping out to get the size just right.

For anyone who wants to try this pattern and you have one of the average size Little Mommy dolls (or one close to it), I did rows 1-3 then skipped to row 7. To make it fit the chest of the doll a little better I figure as I work up to the top of the sack I will drop the last stitch in a loop a few times. I've already dropped it from 48 to 47 and you couldn't even tell I skipped the stitch. Only time will tell if the top is so easy. I checked the craft store yesterday and they didn't have white eyelash yarn or whatever they call the fuzzy stuff so I'll have to come up with some other kind of lacy trim. Yes, I know it won't be as fun, but why should I spend $5 on something for a doll? I must admit before buying the pattern my main hangup was a snowsuit has no place in Guam even on a doll. Hehehe...

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Hilary said...

Ahh but it's so cute!!!