Friday, November 7, 2008


Last night I gave up fighting Kaitlyn over my soda. She literally had both hands on my can pulling. Besides the less then one cookie she has had in her lifetime and that was over the last couple weeks, we don't give her sugar. Or at least we didn't used to give her sugar. What's amazing to me is the caffeine effected her the same as it does me; little to nothing at all. She drank the last little bit of this can about an hour before bedtime. Other then fighting me with bulging eyes to keep the can at her lips, her temperament didn't change. She was just watching as I scrolled through pictures and laughed when she saw these while saying "juice". Last night I kept telling her, "it's not juice it's coke!" By the way, there was only about 3/4" of coke in the bottom of the can.

Neal loves this picture. He said it looks like she's really chugging it. It you look close (or click the image to make it bigger) you can see she is looking over the can and to the right. My little tube boob. Oh... she wasn't taking in much at a time, but treated it like a bottle or sippy cup. You know how babies will drink a bottle until it's completely done without stopping to take a breath? Well that is what she was doing. Near the end (it took her a while to drink it) she would take a drink for a couple moments then open her mouth and go "ahhh" with a grin on her face; she did this a couple times.

In other news, we put our Christmas tree up yesterday. I bought a small one (4.5') last month so we could have something leading up to us having to pack it away before Christmas. It's still bare and could use some more fluffing. I'm guessing continual fluffing will be in order. Who knows, Kaitlyn hasn't touched it today. Yesterday she kept putting a big pink ball into the tree. I can see a hole from her antics right now. I figure once she gets used to it we will add some ornaments. Although it killed me to buy what I deem as junk, I got some plastic ornaments for the tree. I don't want to risk her braking our normal ornaments.


Hilary said... kids thinks it's liquid gold..August sneaks drinks off Daddy's all the time!! I can't believe you have a Christmas tree...when Lanta saw your she said it's ok to get ours out too. I told her soon :) I wish that you lived closer I would let you borrow our pink barbie tree for Kaitlyn..It was Lanta's in her room when she was younger..bummer. I'm rambling. take care and have a great week!!!!

MistySkye said...

LOL! That's great! Kalin does the same thing. She calls it Daddy's Coke, because thats whose always drinking it in our house.
Our tree looks pitiful every year, but they honestly don't care.