Monday, October 27, 2008

What Happened?!

The Bob Hope Community Center (on base) did some renovations to their playroom within the last couple weeks. It just opened back up on Saturday. At first glance it looks the same, but a closer inspection reveals a lot has changed. They put in new slides which start off lower to the ground and eject you closer to the ground. They now have netting on each side of the double slides to keep kids from toppling over. Instead of two places to climb higher they have about three. The toddler area now has it's own safe climbing area too. Basically they used the same amount of space to add more tunnels, netting, and climbing areas. I like it. It seems much safer and definitely easier for Kaitlyn to tackle. The biggest surprise for me, oh goodness make it three surprises, was Kaitlyn on the slide. She ALWAYS backs up to the slide, lays down, and slowly slides down on her belly. To my surprise today she ran up to the new slide and went down on her rear. I'm really not sure what makes this slide so different from all the others she has used. She doesn't even correctly slide down the short slide we have in our house. I saw her several times slide down on her rear though!!! This is big! Come on get excited, it's okay! Then to my shock when she got to the bottom of the slide she turned around and climbed back up it. She has never been successful at that maneuver. The other slide they had she couldn't walk/climb up it. To top the night off, with Neal watching, she decided to slide head first down the slide. Again I was shocked. She loves to slide, but has always proceeded with extreme caution. Well that's gone with the wind.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, at the slide visits has she said "mommy too" or "daddy too" yet?
grampa Kevin