Monday, October 20, 2008


Do kids drive us insane? I'm thinking so. Now Kaitlyn will have to pay for me a boob job (she made them drop, so she has to make my girls stand back up) and the loony bin. I'll have the best boobs at the crazy farm. It stinks for her she's an only child because there will be no spreading out the cost.

How many times a day can I say things like "get out of the trash!!!", "leave the dogs water alone!", "do you want a spanking?", and my favorite, "stop drinking the dogs water!"? Today alone I have said the first three countless times and taken a toy dish away because I was hearing slurping sounds coming from it. Gross!!! Kaitlyn shouldn't be coming from the kitchen making slurping noises unless I have given her a drink with a straw. Thank goodness the dogs rarely if ever touch their water bowl. I put so much water in their food they drink little else. Kaitlyn has been spilling the water so much it's always being changed out. But, whatever, my kid drank dog water. I think the worst is when you look up and she has the whole bowl and the gap between it and her mouth is quickly closing. I'm not sure if she has done it yet, but I've stopped her a couple times.

I know "get out of the trash" isn't that bad of a saying, but there have been others that are quite doozies. After saying something particularly insane I replay it in my head thinking how crazy parents sound. We say things we shouldn't have to. I find myself saying the most random things to Kaitlyn.

Other things I've said today...

"Mommy said no!"
"Get that pillow out of your mouth!"
"Get out of the kitchen!"
"Don't drop that!!!"
"Mommy's had enough!"


MistySkye said...

That is so funny! Just wait until your saying "why are the little people and dinosaurs in my fridge?" or "How did you get your head stuck in that?" HA!HA! My kids are going to have to divy up a boob job also. After weaning there almost completely Gone!

Anonymous said...

Abby drinks out of the Dog water bowl all the time. I just make sure its clean. I discourage it, but I can't stop her.

At least you have never had to say "Get out of the Catbox!"


Anonymous said...

Oh how funny!
With each little saying, I hear God speaking to me.
Get out of there!
Stop talking so much!
One thing that He never says to me though, "Leave me alone." I am all too guilty of telling my kids this.
Lord, help me.