Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Tried!

To our parents we want you to know we tried. Kaitlyn is in agreement with Neal and I that spinach is gross. I think she has my gag reflex, but thankfully she didn't employ it last night. Actually she didn't even taste it. She took the fork to her face and it looked promising, but instead of taking a bite she smelled it. No bite. Yuck! It actually touched her cheek and she quickly started wiping trying to get the juices off. Neal and I had an agreement that if she didn't like it we were going to immediately put it in the "recycling" bin. Well, it was "recycled" right after this video was taken.

By the way, I'm a parent, I'm supposed to say it's good, but I don't have to try it. I say, "Mmm" when I give her tomatoes and she doesn't want to eat them yet I would never put one in my mouth. Remember the gag reflex I mentioned above? I don't want to scare the child. "I can't eat that, mommy just vomited."

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Nanette said...

Funny video. At least you tried -but like adults, there are some things that we don't like no matter how good it is for us.
Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am considering all your comments, so keep them coming. I am hoping to have a Pillow Pets pattern following the Pillow Pals and have included an option with simple directions for a pillowcase in this pattern. Maybe you would be interested in testing the Pillow Pets pattern???