Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just remembered today is my "little" cousin's birthday. He's no longer little. Actually he hasn't been little for a long time. He's 16! 16! Do you know what that means? He can drive. Oh my! It also means I will be 32 in six months. Yep those are tears you see. No they aren't for Kevin. For heaven's sake I'm getting old and still trying to get knocked up. Oh, back to Kevin. I was just thinking of how we all sat in the waiting room at the hospital on 1960. Trav band everyone from the labor and delivery room. We all sat anxious to meet his first born and find out the gender. Trav came out and said they should be parents soon. We heard a cry. With a big grin on his face Trav came strutting out saying they have a boy.

For the first couple years of his life I diapered that little tail. I dressed him up like a girl once in some of my baby clothes. Hehehe... I took a picture, but I have no idea what happened to it.

Trav are you smiling today as your baby boy turns 16?

Happy 16th birthday Kevin!

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chantal said...

My sister and I used to dress our brothers up in dresses all the time. We named them Mikayla and Jessica ( their real names are Michael and Jason).
My oldest turns 13 in a week. Time flies way too fast.