Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Our quick trip to Germany was fun, but goodness a long drive. I now remember I'm not a fan of long drives. I think we were all saddle sore when we arrived in Germany and the same when we got back to the England. Kaitlyn's diapers failed us coming and going. She went through three outfits just getting to Germany. I had only packed two extra. The dress she wore home was one of the only 24 month (trying to think ahead for future use) outfits we could find on Ramstein AFB. I'm not a fan of putting character apparel on Kaitlyn unless we are going to Disney and she is wearing something for there; basically dressing for the activity is fine, but for heaven's sake no Care Bears shoes and t-shirts. Well... Dora came to our rescue being one of the only 24 month outfits found. Kaitlyn has no idea who Dora is. I was VERY disappointed when we put the dress on her that should be a size to big and it's SHORT!!! What's up with that? She doesn't have to move much and all you see is diaper. I figure I will either have to find some fun fabric to make some pants when we get back stateside or she will wear jeans under it.

Back to Germany... We did a lot of sight seeing over our two days there. It was my first trip there so Neal took us to some of the places he's been before. I'll leave you with some pictures (we didn't take many).

Neal didn't get the camera out in time, but Kaitlyn had been talking to the "boy".

Please excuse the bug guts and dash reflection. Some of these were taken through the windshield (or windscreen for all you Brits out there).

We don't know what this is, but thought it looked neat out in the vineyard.

This is an extremely narrow, newly paved, two-way road. It is so narrow it doesn't have a center stripe. We passed several people on this road. Most cars we met when they came fly around the corner and they weren't the best at hugging the white line. I think if there had been a ditch Neal would have hit it several times.

Chili's Mmmm...

Kaitlyn enjoyed talking to herself in the mirror while waiting on our food.

Thanks to the Ford Motor Company Kaitlyn got a little bouncy castle jumping in.

This is from yesterday when we were on the ferry crossing the English Channel. Kaitlyn plays with the sink in our bathroom. She likes having a cup to hold some water then dumps it out. She kept looking at the water saying, "cup". Hahaha...

Munching on a peanut butter cracker while on our 1.5 hour ferry ride.

A couple interesting things we learned about Germany:

  1. They observe the Sabbath; no working on Sundays. Even the gas stations we saw were pay at the pump only.
  2. They rely on a lot of natural resources for power, like gas and solar panels. We saw many houses with solar panels on the roof and even a couple fields full of big solar panels.

I thought both of these were neat. I never would have guessed they would observe something that is Biblical (the Sabbath).


Hilary said...

The pictures are great!! Sorry about the diaper blow-up/out! That always seemes to happen when you are away from home..glad you had a good time and made it home safely :)

Anonymous said...

HI - it was fun to see some of your pictures from your trip. I was wondering - which one is from Ramstein AFB? Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time