Friday, September 5, 2008


I've started to wonder if Kaitlyn knows how to take care of her babies. There have only been a handful of times where we have showed Kaitlyn how to feed them. Today I decided to show her again. I picked up a baby and started cradling it. I declared it was hungry and grabbed a bottle. I noticed the two quilts laying nearby so I wrapped the baby up in one. Kaitlyn quickly got interested. There was another baby near me so I wrapped it up and handed Kaitlyn a bottle to feed it. For whatever reason feeding the baby in person wasn't the same as watching me feed it because I ended up with two bottles and one abandoned baby. I sat her on the couch and handed her my baby. I then picked up hers, fed it for a moment, burped it and laid it back down; the whole time she just sat there watching while feeding the baby she was holding. A few minutes later I walked through the living room to see this...

Easy come easy go. I guess the bottle looked more appealing to her then feeding the baby. For all inquiring minds Kaitlyn hasn't had a bottle since she was 11.5 months old and a paci since she was 5.5 months old. She is sucking/biting on it just because.

When walking downstairs this morning I was thinking how we need to keep things put away at night after Kaitlyn has gone to bed. We tend to leave the kitchen gate open, the remote laying around, Neal's cup and/or plate out from the last thing he consumed. Now that Kaitlyn can come down on her own she is able to get to these things. It's okay for her to have raisins, but we usually give them to her 1-2 at a time. Raisins are a choking hazard. Notice she dumped some raisins into the lid, like I do when serving her a couple, but she's eating out of the container.

Already this morning I can tell we have moved into a new phase in toddlerhood. Kaitlyn has taken her pants off 4-5 times and her shirt twice. Is it overall time???

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Hilary said...

So sweet!! August has a baby that he carries around with him all the time..I try to convince him that "baby green" is hungry and he just says No! Poor baby at least she has a blanket!! Love the bows too!!