Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It's time for me to explain what is going on with Sadie. Right now she is at the vet being spayed. If they haven't already taken her back for the surgery they should be soon. Sadie has been sick all summer and the three vets we have taken her to do not understand what is wrong. She has been on some kind of medication for almost the whole two months since we first took her to the vet. I'm honestly tired of shoving pills down her throat and I know she is too. Thankfully we have gone from three times a day to twice a day. He putting a pill down a dogs throat one less pill really does make a difference.

It all started with what appeared to be a UTI, but I really wasn't convinced that was really the problem. The British vet gave us pills for a UTI and sent us home. At the end of the 10 days she only seemed a little better. Within a week or two the frequent urination and blood returned. We took Sadie to the vet on base who again assumed Sadie had a bad UTI. She said it may have returned. I really wasn't sold on her diagnoses, but agreed to give Sadie the pills and return in a week. A week later everything was the same except she started to drip bloody urine for a couple minutes after going pee. At this point both American vets got together and talked about what the problem may be. They agreed with her being 5 and having never had a litter of pups that her uterus was at a high risk for an infection which could be the problem. So instead of staying on the mile long list to have her spayed we were moved to the front of the list for an "emergency" spay. They were so booked we still had to wait almost two weeks to have it done.

I know it was a different situation, but my mom took a dog in to have her spayed and she died so I'm a bit nervous. With mom's dog she was having a c-section that should have had a spay follow, but she didn't even make it to that. I keep picturing Wendy when the doctor knocked her out and she was like a little rag doll in his arms. Sadie would be a big rag doll, but knocked out just the same. I really hope this is what her problem was. She has been sick long enough. I just want to be done with the frequent urination and blood. I'm sure she wants to be done with the pain.

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Hilary said...

Poor Sadie!! I hope that fixes her up! trying to give a dog pills is the pits!! I hope that everything goes great and Sadie recovers with no problems....have a great week!