Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 Years

Five years is a long time in today's society to be married. It seems people get married then a year or two later are already divorced and hooked up with someone else. Then again five years doesn't seem very long at all.

So what did we do for our fifth anniversary? I had wanted to ride our bikes to the base this morning then go to the bazaar on the other base. Afterwards I wanted to go to see Tops In Blue. However none of that happened. I know none of it was idea 5th anniversary stuff, but with Sadie not being well (more on that later) we couldn't go to Germany like I originally wanted. When I woke up this morning it was raining so riding our bikes was out. At some point I decided there wasn't a point in going to the bazaar seeing how they always have the same vendors which we have seen for the past four years. The only thing we were left with was going to Tops In Blue; Kaitlyn sort of decided this one for us. We went to the community center so Kaitlyn could play while we worked out. Afterwards we went to the commissary. When we were leaving we noticed we had an hour before the doors open for Tops In Blue and we still needed a shower. Sure we could have pushed getting ready and made it back in time, but it was obvious Kaitlyn was tired. The show was supposed to start at 7:30 yet she went to bed at 8PM. Maybe we can see Tops In Blue at a later date stateside.

So after a day of doing nothing more then working out and buying some fruit, I'm tired and going to bed.


Hilary said...

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th anniversary to you and Neal, Heather!

May God bless this next year of your marriage.


Sara said...

Happy anniversary! That sounds pretty much how our anniversary went last year (different events planned, of course!) This year we didn't even try to make plans. I honestly have no recollection of what we did. I suppose it's more about the day-to-day happy marriage than it is about the once-a-year celebration, huh? Still, a little trip would be nice, huh?