Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moms and Dads

There's a reason God made women to be moms and not men. Today I took Kaitlyn to base so we could check the mail then go to the community center where she could play while I worked out. I asked her if she wanted to play before we left the house and told her she could slide. I went to the post office first figuring I should get it out of the way. While taking Kaitlyn out of her car seat she is saying "slide, slide" at which I reminded her we were going to check the mail first. She kept up her chanting, "slide, slide... slide, slide". After checking our mailbox I started taking back to the car. She was determined she was going to slide. On a side note you can see the park from the post office. Before I got Kaitlyn into the car she went limp on me. The child wanted to slide and of course mommy had either forgotten that is what she promised or mommy is a liar. Either way she wasn't pulling out any stops. She started to cry, but quickly suppressed it. I kept trying to reassure her she was going to slide. It didn't matter her lips were quivering and you could tell she was fighting to regain control. When I told Neal about this tonight his response was, "I would have taken her for five minutes". Of course he would. His daughter is in the middle of learning an important lesson in controlling her emotions and he would ruin it by giving her what she wants or thinks she wants. I backed the car out of the space and started to the end of the parking lot; Kaitlyn kept her eyes glued on the park the whole time, her lip still quivering. As I took a left (park to right) headed for the community center she didn't cry. She started looking around at everything around us and didn't saying anything about "play" or "slide" again. I kept trying to tell her we were going to play, but she didn't understand. The place she wanted to go was behind us. A minute later we were getting out of the car at the community center. Kaitlyn had a good 40-45 minutes of playing while I beat my body on the treadmill and stationary bike. If I had taken her to the other park even for 5 minutes she wouldn't have lasted so long at the community center. That is why I'm Kaitlyn's mommy and not Neal.

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