Monday, August 25, 2008


I have the wrong kind of socks. Tomorrow (maybe tonight) I will have to hit up the BX (Base Exchange) for socks. For those still scratching their heads wondering what I'm talking about it's these...

These actually sell at Target for $12

For those who want some, but really don't sew there are a crazy amount available on Etsy in every imaginable pattern and print and lower priced then Target. Here's one pair I found that look close to the one I posted from Target.

These are sold by Knotty Baby Wear for $8 with FREE shipping. You sure can't get that from Target. You don't have to waste gas money to get these either. She also has a 2 for $10 deal.

Monkey Legs sells these for $9. Her shipping is a low $2.50 for 1-10 pairs of leggings. She offers 2 for $16 specials. They look like they are from the same pattern I found.

You can find these on Etsy too. Or make your own using some of the very same fun socks these people did.

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KIANNA said...

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