Friday, May 9, 2008

Head Over Heels

Kaitlyn fell head over heels for her daddy yesterday. She really did. Her and I were upstairs and had been for 20-30 minutes when Neal came home. The dogs were putting up a fuss while they greeted him and Kaitlyn couldn't stand the anticipation. She kept inching closer to the edge of the top step. I called her name a couple times, but she wouldn't come back to me. I watched as she scooted forward just enough the balls of her feet were hanging off the top step. I quickly called her name while I took off after her. She barely got her toes off the step before she arched her back and went sliding down the stairs. When I saw her fall I started screaming her name. The last time I screamed "Kaitlyn" I noticed the fear in my own voice. I watched as she slid down a couple steps then did a somersault and hit the next step with her head while her feet were straight up in the air. As she flipped over she crumpled up and hit the wall. She barely stopped before I snatched her up. I was fighting tears and hyperventilation all at the same time. Thankfully she was fine. I'm sure her heart was racing just as much as mine afterwards. She did succeed in getting Neal to pick up his pace and hurry to the stairs.

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