Saturday, May 3, 2008

45 Words and One Year Ago Today

It's not an easy thing to list all the words Kaitlyn can say. Since I started my list a couple days ago she keeps reminding me she knows more then I'm giving her credit for. Not counting "Mmmm" which I added because I thought it was cute, she is up to 45 words accounted for. There are some words she is currently working on I haven't added yet. As soon as I know it's a word she understands and uses I'll add it.

One year ago today Kaitlyn and I were back in the States and she was getting her ears pierced.

On that trip she met her Uncle Jeremy for the first time.
As well as her Papaw. One reason I wanted to go home when I did was because Papaw wasn't doing well. Whether the mom is fine with it or not he would feed every baby who came around. You really had to keep your eye on him because he would try feeding the baby anything he was eating. I guess he figures if he can gum it so can they. Many happy babies have toddled away from him after getting a taste of beans or cake. Papaw passed away a couple months after this picture was taken. We made it home just in time to have him feed one last great-grandchild.

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Hilary said...

Time flies and babies grow!! Cute pictures