Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Fought And Won

For the past month we have been banging our heads against a wall trying to get our needs met. I'm happy to say today it happened.

On March 25th I took Kaitlyn in for her MMR shot. We had put off getting it for her until she was 15 months. I don't think the vaccine causes autism because I know an unvaccinated autistic child, but there is so many scares going around I thought waiting until 15 months would be fine. I took her in to get it only to learn a mistake was made on her shot record two months ago. Basically a nurse brought in the shot, we refused, she was going to take it off the record and forgot. Two months later I learn of the mistake. Measles is on the come back in England and we really didn't want to be apart of the trend. We were worried about traveling even locally without her having the vaccine. A couple weeks ago I had Kaitlyn tested for the Rubella vaccine and it came back today negative. The clinic called Neal at work saying we can get her the vaccination now. Hopefully in six months when we need to get the second one we can refer back to the test results to prove the shot labeled as #2 was really #1. For now on I will not leave the room without a correct record; Kaitlyn's life depends on it.

My second battle was my third and final IVF. Anyone who has done IVF can tell you it isn't cheap so a forth round is out of the question. I call this one a battle, but it's not something I can physically fight. If my body isn't ready then it's not ready. It's the internal battle I struggle with. Felling like I miscarried when I wasn't even pregnant. When a doctor says you have two weeks to be ready you feel struck down before you even started running. Giving you a time limit so drop two pounds would be one thing, but your internal organs do not function on demand. The problem was despite the drugs that were supposed to shut down my ovary function my body was trucking along. When I went in everything should have been silent, but I was almost ready for ovulation. What can I say? I was ready to get the show on the road. =) The day after speaking with the doctor a nurse called saying the nurses and doctor talked over my case. It really sounded like the nurses went to bat for me. She said I have until May 8th to be ready then they must pull the plug. I can't tell you what a relief it was to hear. Who knows I may be ready by the 21st, but now the pressure is off. By the 8th my monthly friend should have arrived causing everything to go back to the prime IVF condition. Last week I started using injections instead of the nasal spray that didn't work. I'm a bit frustrated to be experiencing certain undesirable side effects, but if I get pregnant it will be worth it. Because of a change in weight I found the info slip that came with the drug and it confirmed weight gain is a side effect. =( I really need to get pregnant now so the weight will come off and I will have comfy clothes to wear; read maternity. When I got pregnant with Kaitlyn my ovaries were so swollen for the first trimester I started wearing maternity pants immediately to take the pressure off my lower belly. Unless the baby or babies come early we will not be having another Christmas Eve baby.

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Hilary said...

The shot story sounds crazy!! I wish you and your ovaries much luck!!! This round will work..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)