Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've noticed over the last month Kaitlyn's hands have changed. She no longer has the soft delicate skin of a newborn. It's kind of sad to see her hands progress on because you know she is leaving her baby years behind. It won't be long and Christmas will be back around bringing on Kaitlyn's toddler years. I know it's good she grows up so I won't try to stop it.

Speaking of growing up Kaitlyn is entering the awkward clothing size. For that matter so have I, but it's not a good thing with me. Hehe... 12 month clothes still fit Kaitlyn, but I've notice some seem a bit more snug. 18 months are crazy big. She is wearing an 18 month outfit right now and the legs are so long the only thing holding them up are the gigantic slippers on her feet; yes one more thing we are in between. Kaitlyn has been stuck at a 4.5 shoe size for a while. I'm not complaining about her feet not growing. We all know she has little hope of small feet being my child. Our problem is finding the half size. All her shoes are whole sizes. People comment on her big feet not knowing lost in that shoe somewhere is a smaller foot wanting to get out. Actually because her shoes are all to big her feet do get out many times. I take my "all" back she has some Pedipeds that fit well. Our only problem with those are they have slick bottoms making it hard for her to walk on tile.
Look how big those slippers are. I put them on her to keep her feet warm. They are so big they try to turn sideways on her feet. Because the 18 month clothes she has on were the warmest I could find when dressing her this morning I figured I better pair them with her big slippers to hold the pants up. I could easily cut 3" off the pants and she would never miss it; until she finally hits a growth spurt that is.

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