Thursday, March 13, 2008

B**b Fascination

Kaitlyn can always make me laugh by the quirky things she does. Kaitlyn is learning all her body parts. Out of fear of her touching a strangers boobs Neal didn't want me to teach her that part. My one question is why is a stranger close enough my baby can touch her boobs??? Anyway, Kaitlyn has been saying belly for a while now. She has to look at her belly every time she says "be-be". Well... Tonight she was kneeling in my lap when she decided to point out my boobs. I was laughing so hard when she pulled my top out to take a good look at mom's boobs. I'm telling you I think tears were falling from me laughing so hard. With her arm down my shirt firmly placed between my boobs she declared "bo-be". I kept having to make her get her hand out of my shirt. Okay, maybe you would have to have been here. I'm telling you it was funny. I think what really got me was she actually noticed I have breast. She never cared about them before.

edit ~ I'm getting a lot of hits to this post so I edited the title.


Eric and Emily B. said...

so I decided to follow you over here from your xanga. Now that I've seen your picture I already remember who you are from your other xanga. Unless its the same one and I just have forgotten.

This is old baby_beezhold, new name lovedme4me and the one I used to comment on your site belly_wanted lol.

That is a really cute thing she did. I would be laughing too.


Danielle said...

LOL I think it's inevitable that they point that out. :) Ivy still likes to put her hand down my shirt when I'm holding her.