Friday, February 15, 2008

Not another cold =(

Sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose; that just me you should see Kaitlyn. Actually she is the one doing most of the coughing. I had to elbow my way into a dr appointment for her this morning. They gave me something that will hopefully start clearing up her nasal drip really soon. While in the waiting room she coughed so much she graced me with two rounds of vomiting. Not cool. Thankfully I second guessed myself and grabbed the box of tissues before getting out of the car. A nearby mom grabbed tissues and rushed them to my aid. Now if she will just stop coughing and start eating we will be doing good. I say we... I would like a nap. My runny nose and sneezing isn't helping with the achy feeling. Of course Kaitlyn's aches take precedence over my own. Anyone want to be a fill in mom for a few days? I'm taking applications. Because I don't feel well, I'm not being that strict. I'm starting with first come gets the position in addition to I must know you and approve by what I already know.

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