Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Words

Kaitlyn is a talker. Every 3-7 days she learns how to say a new word. So far everything, but "E-ah" (ear) and "nana" (banana) come out proper. Her newest word is teeth. Tonight as I walked her into the bathroom for her bath she was pointing up to her toothbrush saying, "teeth". Her second newest word is hat. Just about anything can be a hat. Yesterday I was able to compose myself long enough to snap a couple pictures of Kaitlyn with my panties on her head before I took them away. Afterwards I had a good laugh.

She can still say nose, mouth, and eye while pointing at them all either on you or her, but she has decided to move onto new words for now; it's rare I hear her say any of them. She still says "E-ah" off and on all day. A couple days ago I was eating oatmeal and she wanted some. I kept telling her it was hot. She would touch the bottom of the bowl and say "hot... hot..." just like she does with the radiators. You would think if they are hot she would take her hand off, but she doesn't. She just declares, "hot... hot..." and keeps touching it. Anyway, after a round of me blowing on the spoon then feeding her my oatmeal she was getting to demanding. I kept reminding her it was hot. She suddenly touches the bottom of the bowl and says "hot" then her mouth "eat". Neal and I both started laughing. Although she can be a pill at times she is also a riot to have around.

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