Monday, December 3, 2007

A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words

You never know what Kaitlyn will do when left alone. If I ever need to leave Kaitlyn downstairs alone I first must get the room ready. Like this morning, I put the dogs in their kennel and pick up anything Kaitlyn shouldn't play with. I try to leave the room while Kaitlyn is playing so she doesn't spend my entire time upstairs crying at the gate. Today everything was going as planned until I started hearing dog growls. I could hear their kennel gate rattling as Kaitlyn shook it. I kept hollering down for her to leave them alone, but it didn't help. Kaitlyn kept picking. When I came downstairs not only was I shocked, but I couldn't stop laughing. Kensey was running around the living room while Kaitlyn and Sadie were both locked in the dog kennel. Kaitlyn has never gotten it open before so I didn't expect it to happen this time nor did I think she would get it back shut with her inside. She was all smiles at her accomplishment. As you can see Sadie isn't as happy with her new company.
Yesterday Kaitlyn reminded us baby gates are just in the way. She was crying at the bottom of the stairs while Neal and I both were upstairs. When the tears stopped I told Neal she must have found a new activity. I no sooner got the words out that I heard a familiar hollow sound; Kaitlyn was coming up the stairs. Neal ran to the stairs to find her already near the top.

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