Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pictures, Returns, & A Birthday

If ever there were any doubts who she belonged to it ended with the forehead light. Here is Neal's little clone.

I'm not sure if the last few days have been calm or if I'm just getting used to Kaitlyn climbing everything and pulling stuff down. She loves crawling up on the couch. I keep telling her we sit or lay on the couch not stand, but of course she stands. The problem with her standing is she can reach all the things we have tried to keep from her; remote, tissues, and so on. Oh and the tissues... Another thing we have talked about many times is that tissues are for your nose. After having our talk I put the tissues on the other side of me on top of the couch. Kaitlyn inevitably gets them again. Yesterday I walked downstairs to find each tissue out of the box, laying on the couch or floor. I guess I still have a lot of work to do on what they are used for. =) I was reading What To Expect The First Year and it said we should explain why we do things to our 10-11 month olds even if they don't understand. I think it's because eventually it will click. And the big thing from the book was NO BABY TALK. I know we will have to deal with this when we are back home, but seeing how Kaitlyn is starting to grasp words we will have to insist people talk to her normally. The book explained just what I was thinking. It said if you repeat her gibberish back to her she will not learn how to say words correctly. I haven't heard this before, but it went on to say not to correct mispronounced words. Their reason was little ones cannot say all 21 consonants properly until they are 3-5. Also, correction may stop the child from striving to talk for a while for fear of saying it wrong.

I bought Neal the new ABU yesterday. The manufacturer is getting material from two different places so the shirt and pants are different colors. The pants were a bit more green and the shirt brown. I guess it really doesn't matter because I have to take them both back. Grrr... Because they are the new uniform they do not have a lot to choose from. Next time I will work hard at getting the same color ABU.

Because we are going back to the States next Thursday I'm having Kaitlyn's one year pictures done today. I'm hoping they come out great. I bought her a handmade dress off Ebay that has a cake on the front with one candle and her name "Kaitlyn Joy". Last night I made her a much to large bow for her hair and two matching bows for the dress. Not that the dress needed bows, but I thought a little extra ribbon never hurts. Hehehe...

This is her birthday dress the day it arrived. She will have a long sleeve white top on today with black shoes, white socks and of course the bows I made last night.

To round out our day it's Neal's birthday. I think I will feel a little better about his birthdays when he finally gets into his upper 20s, but 26 is a good start. Out of all things he is having to do his PT test today. Who knows it is sprinkling out it may be under 53 with 20mph winds so he may have gotten out of testing. Now that I think of it he probably put his test off until today because his age lowers his requirements. Good thinking Neal. Here is a picture of the birthday boy with his baby girl; not looking much like a girl I might add.

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