Thursday, October 2, 2014

Short Hair

Kaitlyn Joy finally got her hair cut. She has been sucking and rubbing her hair between her fingers until it's a nasty matted mess. I kept telling her if she didn't stop I would have her hair cut short. I don't think she believed me.

Normally we talk about a hair cut for 2-4 weeks before she gets it. She had from the time I checked her in till they called her back to process it was about to disappear. 
I should have taken a before picture. You'll have to settle for the photo I took of her this evening. She was modeling her jog-a-thon shirt from K3 or preschool for three year olds. On that note, her still fitting in the shirt may make her sound small, but she's right around 54". You know what they say, "Everything's bigger in Texas."
She likes her hair long, but she has warmed right up to having it short.

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Jayne Wittschen said...

Yah! you are blogging again! Yes, We got completely surprised with this baby. He is almost 4 months, time truly flies! We were extremely paranoid about his hips. I can't even tell you how many times I stretched his legs out to see if they were the same length. We had an ultrasound done on him at 2 months, the dr wanted to make sure since there was a family history of it. He's good thank you Jesus! Not sure I could go through that again!
Yes, our littles aren't so little anymore. It's insane! Dane is so big, and thinks he is an adult! Ha Hope yall are doing well!! I love the short hair on Kaitlyn!! It's a precious cut!