Thursday, October 16, 2014


Change... I'm not a fan. Sure some change can be good, but when it comes to your child quickly growing up change can stink like those wretched diapers she was making just six years ago.
She's been using deodorant out of need since August. She was 7 years 8 months old at the time her and I went to Target and bought Tom's of Maine deodorant. I was a bit surprised Tom's of Maine was the only deodorant I could find that didn't have antiperspirant. From everything I've heard it's not good for kids to wear antiperspirant. If Target didn't have something I was going to go to another store I know carries Jason's deodorant. So far Tom's is working just fine.

Car seats... Yesterday I noticed Kaitlyn Joy's seat belt wasn't going over her shoulder properly. I raised the back of her high back booster hoping to correct the seat belt issue, but then I noticed she fit snugly into the back. Ahhh! Off it must go.

Up until 10 months ago (7 years old) she still used the 5 point harness. Now we're down to something that just boosts her a little higher. =/

Chicken on the bone. For most this probably isn't an issue, but for my kid she could be starving, but will refuse to eat chicken if she must pick it off the bone or if someone picks it off for her.  However today she ate rotisserie chicken with me. This is BIG! I'm not a fan of cutting up whole chickens nor handling raw chicken that's on the bone so I don't buy it. Because we don't normally eat chick on the bone, my child has never had the pleasure of touching the gross parts until... last year maybe.

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