Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still Here

Yes, I'm still around even though I haven't posted on here since January.  It seems having a smartphone means I get on an actual computer less.  Unfortunately I can't post on here from my phone.  So... our last three months...  It was all a blur.  Last month I had oral surgery and Neal flew to Minnesota for his grandmother's funeral.  Kaitlyn Joy for once learned to sleep a little later and liked it.  The Monday after spring break she told me her alarm went off to early.  Now I'm just hoping she will go back to that over the summer.  I'm not a morning person. 

April 1st marked two years since we lost Sarah and Andrew.  I know we knew they were both gone nine days before that, but there's just something about permanently saying goodbye here on earth.  Rabbit trail: Recently I was reading the different responses on Facebook to someone's question on do you celebrate your child's due date or when they earned their wings.  And yes I know they're really not angels, but that's what deceased babies are typically called.  I was surprised how many people celebrate when they were lost.  It's not something I could do.  FYI, we celebrate their due date; it's on Halloween so it's hard to miss.

Another April happening is Neal beginning his one year remote tour.  I had to explain to Kaitlyn Joy that a remote tour meant family can't go along.  She looked at me puzzled and said, "It's only you and I???"  Now what in the world was I thinking?  We're not family we are his wife and child.  Why in the world would we not go?!!! =)  Him leaving gives us one thing to look forward to, Heart Apart events.  They're only once a month, but we really enjoy them.  They always have some kind of entertainment and a meal.  This time it isn't over a mealtime so perhaps they will only have snacks.  The author of Countdown 'til Daddy Comes Home is supposed to be there and each family is supposed to get her book.  Kaitlyn Joy still talks about the different places we went or things we saw at Heart Apart events when Neal deployed last time.  Part of this Saturday will be spent at one of the events.

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