Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Want This

It has started...  Last week I asked her what she wanted for Christmas.  The plan this year is "Less is More"  It's not a financial choice as much as a "my child has to much stuff" decision.  After school we stopped by Target where she had me snap these photos.
 She told me last week that she wanted a twin for her 18" doll.  Kaitlyn Joy liked that this one is a ballerina.
 It's Kj and a puppy... need I say more?
 She thought this was the bees knees.  It's a Barbie closet with clothes in it.  To me it looks like a Barbie storage case, but I guess Barbie has moved up in the world since I was a kid.
 She has become more of a girly-girl over the summer.  Out of a whole isle of Barbies why did she pick out the Yoga Barbie?  Because she has a leg in the air?
 She really likes Brave.  She told me she wants the movie, but it's not out yet.  This is a chunk of the castle.
As we were looking at a wall of games (most of them she has) she picked this one out.  I really thought she would go for a different one.

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