Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Munchies

Yeah!  The Super Bowl is on, let the junk food munchies roll!  So you sit down to eat till your hearts content all the dip, wings, and pizza you can manage.  Then suddenly you realize... you're not 15 anymore.  You're body can't handle filling up on junk.  It needs and craves something healthy.  What is it the Bible says?  Man shall not eat junk food alone, but all the five food groups.  Haha... Just kidding!  At eight o'clock I had to give up the junk food and get myself a turkey and spinach wrap on a whole wheat tortilla.  Maggie joined me and had some carrots.

Goodness, it has been a month since I've posted.  Well there have been a lot of thoughts rolling around in that time like the alters in our lives, backing out NOW, and the poor guy at Walmart.  Maybe you will still see those post.

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