Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Car Seat & Car Switching

I hate how I can have a couple post rolling around in my head, but by the time I sit down to the computer... it's gone. Now I can only think of highlights.

Neal's out of town for a month so Kaitlyn Joy and I are free to do as we please. =D Okay, little really changes when he leaves. I guess the biggest change for us is not having him here on the weekends and me possibly seeing him for 3-4 hours in the evenings.

Yesterday morning we got up way to early and drove Neal to the airport. Kj and I rushed home to make something to take to MOPS. I needed to drive to our local base and switch cars. I was driving Neal's SUV and my car was at his office. Well, time was short so I just drove his across town. My plan was to swap them out once we got back from MOPS. After a couple stops it was just to late to go to base. I went home so Kj could have her quiet time. She actually SLEPT!!!! When she finally woke up we had little time to go anywhere so I still had the SUV. I decided to just switch them after I took Kj to school today. I dropped her off then while heading home I pulled up to the base. I was reaching for my wallet before getting to the gate... it wasn't there. Ugh! How many times can I fail to get my car? I carefully and legally (hehehe... I couldn't afford to get stopped now) turned around and went home. After a bit of searching I found my wallet in a Target bag. Yesterday Kj and I went to Target. While there we picked her up a new car seat. She has reached the top of the weight limit on the one we keep in the SUV. Because the car seat box was sitting the kiddy area (yes it was big, but it sat there well) over my purse I had put my wallet in a shopping bag. Now my plan is to switch autos before picking Kj up from school. We'll see how that goes. =D

Car seats... Ugh! Those things are so expensive! Kj has been able to use one of our two car seats since she was 4.5 months old. Actually once back in the UK we couldn't keep using it until we bought our American car when she was 7 months. When she had hip surgery she didn't fit in her car seat with the spica cast on. They make special car seats for kids in a spica, but they are upwards of $400. There's no way I wanted to buy that for three months. I guess she would have used it longer seeing how she was in a brace for several months afterwards. The same $400+ car seat is also sold in a normal version for $250. The difference is the special one comes with foam padding that can be taken out and moved to perfectly fit the cast. Shortly after her surgery I found the normal one (Britax Marathon) for $200 at Target so I bought it. It was 100% better then the seat belt vest the hospital sent us home with. We still use this one in my car and have the older car seat in Neal's SUV. Anyway, after a bit of shopping around we found a seat we like that goes up to 100lbs. Only it's $179. Ouch! Who wants to spend that on a 4th car seat?! But we have to keep her safe or only let her ride in one auto. Yesterday I learned our desired car seat was on sale for $124 at Target (T I love you. You've saved us $$ many times) so I bought it. Woohoo!!!

Now that I've bored you with car seat and car talk I need to go do a couple things before I leave to get my car and Kj.

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