Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shape Up or... Just Shape Up

It's time to get into better shape. I know my family thinks it's baby fat I'm still carrying, but it's not. Before Kaitlyn Joy was two months old I was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I had lost all the weight by then. So what's the story on the extra pounds I'm carrying around? When Kaitlyn was nine months old I started round two of fertility treatments. When she was 15 months old I started round three which lasted three months (twice as long as normal). It was during that long treatment that I started questioning all my weight gain. I scanned through the drug info sheet and in two different places it said it may cause weight gain. On top of the drugs causing me to gain weight I had stopped pumping for Kaitlyn Joy shortly before the second round, yet didn't change how I was eating. It had become a habit not just a need. Mean I was taking in more calories then I needed. So the drugs and extra calories were a killer. And another big kicker... kids weren't allowed in the gym at our base. Before getting pregnant and up until I had Kaitlyn Joy I would go to the gym all the time. They finally put three machines in the play area of the community center, but all the play equipment was for older kids. I could just throw my nine month old out there and hope she would be okay. It wasn't until our last six months there did I try working out there. My biggest problem was her not staying in the toddler area, bigger kids going in the toddler area, and having to leave the equipment to run after her. It didn't go well.

This morning we headed to the gym at the nearby base to check out their kid area. They have a short glass wall for kids 6 months to 4 years with some toys in it, then an area for 5 to 9 year olds that isn't walled off from the machines. Hopefully, this will work good enough for us to frequent there. We are going to try again tomorrow.

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Hilary said...

Good luck!! I started walking again :)