Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quiet Crafting

I hate crafting without having a TV nearby to distract me. I know I'm crafting so why do I want to be distracted? Well, having all that free time rattling around in my head causes me to think about everything under the sun. While I was sewing today I was thinking about... wait for it... GOSSIP. Yep, I was thinking about gossip. Not what I've heard passed around, but about those I know who are big gossips (not that they would agree) and how their words effect the family, church, work, and/or wherever they're spreading their poison around. You know, situations can tear families and churches apart, but it's the gossips who keep the wound open. Do you ever wish you could tell someone to mind their own business? Heaven forbid you do then you will be their next topic of gossip. Maybe you wanted to point out the list of people they are talking about or they have hurt? Again you will become their next topic or worse they will really start spreading things about you to swing people to their side.

Why is it some people spread gossip (aka, lies) for the sake of getting people on their side? It's not like they are running for office. Maybe it's because they are a gossip and they assume the other person is talking about them so they better get the tongue lashing out on their side first. These people really bother me. I feel like if I EVER disagree with them my name will be smeared with the family within 24 hours. What's the real problem with this you may ask? People tend to believe the first thing they hear; the second person is just someone full of excuses.

Why is it there seems to be at least one person in each family that "rules" by spreading gossip? This is at least true for both my family and Neal's. I could tell you, but I won't, who the main gossips are in each family. They are the people who think they know everything, they are always right in every story, always the victim, and the ones who will share the downfall of others with you. Sometimes the "news" they share is done under the covering of something to pray about. When you grow up in a family you eventually realize a certain person in the family is a gossip, but when you marry into a family it's a whole different ball game. Let's just say when all the talking started I noticed one person seemed to be the center of all the talk. They were always the "victim" in the stories. Now if I'm ever around that person and I say or do anything to offend them I figure it will be out and my name smeared in record time.

To those who are gossips... It always seems to come back around to the person you are talking about; just a little FYI for you. I know you believe your lies or half truths are true, but I'm willing to bet most of them aren't. I know you think you know everything, but have you ever considered people don't tell you everything or even the full story because they know you talk to much?

I told you crafting without a TV on lets me thinking things through a bit to much. I was actually going to start this post with a true story that actually began my thoughts on gossip today. However this post is getting long so I'll spare you. Not to mention I'm still really puzzled over the situation. I wish there was a way to find out what really went on. No I'm not seeking out gossip. I'm seeking out answers for gossip that was spread about me. When it occurred I didn't retaliate nor did I mention names. I just wanted to know why.

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