Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ratted Out

When Kaitlyn prays, she prays about everything under the sun. She prays about snow, MOPS, daddy being a good player at basketball; you name it, she prays it. Well... we had a hard day today. For Kaitlyn this means new things to pray about. For me it means a blog post.

Since getting back from Nana and Papa's house this weekend Kaitlyn has been on a no nap kick. Of course this doesn't sit well with mommy. She still NEEDS her naps. She thinks she's all grown up, but let me tell you it took that little grown up 30 minutes yesterday to put her socks and jeans on because she was so tired. I was dressed and out the door while she was still crying on the floor without pants on. =( Grrr... She wasn't in the car long when she fell asleep. So this bring us to today. Miss thing wouldn't take a nap to save her life. It didn't matter how many times I tried to "Supernanny" her and put her back to bed without talking the child was coming back out. She literally spent three hours trying to go to sleep. Forget Supernanny. Do you know what finally worked? I spanked her tushy and told her to close her eyes. I didn't hear another peep out of her until she woke up 1.5 hours later. During the three hours of her "trying" to go to sleep I was up and down the stairs putting her back to bed. She was going potty. She was snatching toys then jumping back in bed. I was retrieving toys and taking them back out of her room. Then FINALLY I moved to taking things out that mean something to her. She got out of bed after I said not to so I took Madie and her lizards. She got out again and lost her "flower blanket". By this point I was out of items that really mattered. Her pillow would have been next, but instead I put her back in the bed and told her to close her eyes. The only problem was her mouth kept running. Here's how she explained it earlier:

Kj, "I need Madie and my flower blanket!"
J, "Kaitlyn tell daddy why you lost Madie and your flower blanket."
Kj, "Mommy took them because I said, "apple!!!""
J, thinking... that's about right.

I had already given her a carrot while she was trying to sleep. She's on this kick that she should be fed while taking a nap. FYI, typically 2:15 is usually my stopping point in making her take a nap. I was still ready to beat her at 2:15 so she stayed for three hours.

So tonight when putting her to bed she prayed about daddy's basketball game and that he would be a good player. She also told God that I took Madie and her flower blanket. She failed to tell Him I put them both on her bed right after her nap. =) She also didn't tell Him she was a naughty girl. Stinker pot.

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Hilary said...

Oh man!! That cracks me up...probably not you at the time but I can just hear her praying....if August gets in trouble before bedtime he usually has something to say about it around prayer time too..Kids!!! :)