Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Alive

I'm here I really am. Don't lose faith in me posting please. =) We are stuck in an ice land right now. Okay we aren't stuck, but it really is an ice land. Could I have a heat wave PLEASE?! Today is one of the few days it has been above 0*. I've given up talking about the weather. I told Kevin, my father-in-law, not to talk to me about it until it gets above zero. Seriously, it has been crazy cold. We are still in Minnesota. Now that we are firmly in 2010 we are finally done, as of last night, with all the Christmas gatherings.

Last week our Jeep was officially totalled. We have to get the rental truck back by Friday I believe. The good news is the insurance company is giving us $195 more then we paid for it. Now the race is on to find a replacement. I'm going to Craft-n-Camp February 19-21 and need my car to get there.

Because of bad weather I'm a bit worried about us leaving out on Thursday. I'm pushing to get all our laundry done and put away as well as picking up all our random bits today. Neal and I will have to decide tonight when we are leaving. I have a medical appointment at 5pm on the 8th so I really need to be back in San Antonio by then.

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Mistea said...

I'd send you a heat wave if you could just send some coolness this way - the temp is expected to climb into the 100'sF this week here. Wishing you safe travels.