Monday, January 18, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

Have you been wanting to help the people in Haiti some way, but your not sure which direction to turn? It seems everywhere I look someone has a fund set up. Well Craft Hope has set up an Etsy shop and has asked crafters around the world to contribute. All proceeds minus the small Etsy insertion fee go to Doctors Without Borders. Crafters from around the world have stepped up and contributed to the shop. They say items are pouring in so fast they can hardly keep up with posting them to Etsy. On their last update over $7,000 has been raised in 48 hours, to send doctors with Doctors Without Borders to Haiti. If you want to be apart of the relief effort and get an awesome item out of the deal go check out Craft Hope for Haiti's Etsy shop. The price for each item also includes shipping. So if an item seems a little high just remember your shipping is included.

If you see an item you like, don't hesitate in buying it. There's an excellent chance it will not be there when you come back. Also, if you don't see something you would like hit the refresh button (two little green arrows by the address bar) and new things have probably been added. If nothing new has been added then come back in a couple hours and check out the new items. Just remember things aren't staying around long. Several items I looked at last night were gone this morning. And even items I saw this morning were gone when I just went and check out the site.

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