Friday, January 22, 2010

$2 Friend & Note to APP

Allow me a moment to comment on our new $2 friend. I learned a couple things about him today. One, he will only eat the food while it's falling or while it's on the top of the water; never off the bottom. As soon as a flake he was chasing hit the bottom, it didn't exist to him anymore. Two, he can eat his food in a more timely manner (I don't believe he ate his first 24 hours here) if I turn the bubblier off. All the bubbles cause the food to sink faster. Three, he doesn't like the light colored flakes in the fish food. He will take a bite then blow it out. It's kind of amusing to watch. Now I saved the best for last. Number four thing I learned today is that he spits! No joke! He swam up to the top and spit water into the air three times. Kaitlyn came in from the back yard to find me sitting on a step stool watching the fish spit and eat his food. She wanted to know if she could spit in the water too. Stinker.

If APP is checking in, yes, I'm working on my embellished swap blocks. My original plan was to have them done long before now, but between sewing Christmas presents and being away for three weeks over Christmas... well let's just say I'm glad you're out of town and giving us another week. Tomorrow I'll try to take pictures of an embellished block or two and post them for your viewing pleasure.

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