Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YCMT Patterns

Just about every time I'm online I check out You Can Make This to see what new patterns they have now and what people have posted in the I Made This! section. I look through the latter section for insperation. Sometimes I'm not completely sold on a pattern before seeing what some of the women have done with it.
One recent example would be The Patricia Tunic. At first I thought it was okay, but when I saw the pictures of it made into a short sleeved dress I bought it.

When they first came out with the Women's Reversible Wrap Skirt I bought it. I figured it was about time I make something for me. I have only used the pattern once, but I have the fabric to make a second one.
My all time favorite and most used pattern from YCMT is the Boutique Bottoms. I have made a lot of these and have plans on making more. I want to make Kaitlyn some sleeping pants with this pattern that she can wear under her brace.
There are more patterns I want to share that I have yet to buy, but those will wait for a later post. Right now I'm having problems working around the little tail that keeps sitting in my lap. LOL...

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SewSensible said...

You are so sweet! How are you guys doing!! Enjoy all these "at- home-young-child" moments because I never knew school was right around the corner!! Two of ours started school this week and I miss them during the day already!

Hope your weekend is a blessing!
in Christ, Aimee'