Friday, July 24, 2009

"Dr Brock, Cast-Brace"

Yesterday Kaitlyn went in for her three month brace check-up. For those randomly stopping by Kaitlyn was born with her hip out of socket (CDH). She had an open reduction in January followed by three months in a spica cast. She now wears a Rhino Cruiser Brace which you can see sticking out the top of her skirt in the next photo.

She was bored waiting on Dr. Brock so decided to do a bit of rearranging. Here she's pushing the step stool across the floor. This should be next to the bed.

When she was bored pushing the step stool around she moved to snooping in the drawers and cabinets. She mashed my finger in one of the drawers. Ouch!
Here she is with Dr. Brock. He said everything looks great. He's ready to get the plate and screws out of her right femur. Her final surgery is August 17th.

After snapping the photo above we headed to the casting room for a new brace. The velcro on her old one wasn't working as well as it should have been. Dr. Brock felt she might be able to fit into a size large brace and she does... barely. I've had to cut A LOT of the foam off that wraps around her legs. It wrapped an insane amount around. This thing is a beast. It's higher up her back and just short of the bend of her knees; consequently her poor little back and the inside of her legs where the foam ends, are red. I've made sure both areas are covered in knit cotton all day, but her legs are still red. She's not happy about her new brace. If things don't get better by next week I'm calling Dr. Brock.

Edit: the title is something Kaitlyn has been saying a lot lately. She will also point at the scars on her right leg and say "sur-gy". She likes showing off her surgery scars. Hopefully she won't keep this up seeing how it's on her hip. hehehe...

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