Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Artist Mommy

When preparing to be a mommy people give you all kinds of tips and tricks. They tell you what to watch out for and what to expect. Of course they always leave things out. No one told me that being a mommy means being an artist too. I didn't know I would be expected to draw cows, feet, flowers, Hermie, LazyTown (how do you draw that?) and so on. Kaitlyn will ask me to draw her hand. I tell her to do it and she comes back with, "No, mommy do it." So off I go to trace her hand.

Another talent mommies must have is the ability to sing. However you don't have to sing well. As a matter of fact it's better if you don't try to sing as though you are the next Carrie Underwood. Just run your words together like a child does. Your singing must be something she can copy. Kaitlyn loves singing. From time to time she will say, "Mommy, promise." Which means she wants me to sing I Am A Promise. When she was a baby I would sing it to her all the time.

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