Saturday, June 27, 2009

National Anthem

Kaitlyn loves standing at the open hotel door when the National Anthem and Taps are played each weekday. Yesterday I filmed her during the Anthem. Normally she stands still while it plays and has her right hand on her heart. With me not kneeling beside her things were a bit wonky. Don't mind the chili on her face. We were eating Frito pies beforehand.

Sorry it's sideways. I totally didn't think about it. At the very end you see her lips moving; she's trying to sing the words to the song.

Here's she's telling you she just heard the National Anthem.

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Dragon's Dolphin said...

Ahhh the beautiful Kaitlyn. That is one of the things I've missed the most since I've been absent from the blogosphere! Who cares if the video is sideways? Its awesome that she loves the National Anthem and know how to respect it!