Sunday, May 31, 2009

2.5 Birthday Party

Kaitlyn's 2.5 birthday party was last Saturday. My sister-in-law Laura and I made Kaitlyn a Hermie cake; it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. The bottom lip was Brenan's (my brother-in-law) idea... I don't think I'm a fan. Hehehe... Don't you love Laura's legs?! I wanted to write "God's not finished with me yet" below or above the cake with the black icing, but Hermie took up so much of the cutting board I gave up the idea. If you've ever seen Hermie: A Common Caterpillar you would have heard the quote many times on there.
To make your own Hermie or worm cake like this one you will need a 9", 8", and 6" round cake pan. I made 1 - 9", 2 - 8" and 1 - 6" cakes. After making the cakes and letting them cool, I put them in the deep freeze. When I was ready to put it together the cakes were nice and firm so I could handle them. I would lay one cake on top of another where I wanted it to overlap and use it as a guide to cut. I did this for each cake and it worked like a charm. On his head (the 9" cake) I slimmed up his forehead a bit. I cut an angled piece off by his eyes on each side of his head. You can kind of see this in the first picture. Honestly he was super easy to put together. The hardest part was getting the icing to stick before it dried. I made the icing and it seemed a bit thick even thought I made it from a recipe I've used before. Next time I may cut back on the sugar. A couple different times I added more milk to thin it out. Thankfully Laura was quick to jump in and help spread the icing. She's the one who figured out how to make it so nice and smooth. If you don't think this is smooth you should have seen how I had it before. Hehehe... It wasn't so pretty. We formed the eyes, legs, eyebrows, nose, and mouth by hand and the pupils were dabbles of black icing. Hmmm... what should I make next year?Can you believe I made Kaitlyn a Strappy Sundress with bug fabric for the party and this is the best picture I have of it?!!! I'll have to take another picture of her in it.
We rented a bouncy castle for the party. Kaitlyn loved it so much she's still talking about it. We put her down for a nap just as the people came to take it away. She woke up wanting to jump. =(
Kaitlyn loved opening her gifts. Here she is after opening the last one.

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Hilary said...

Hermie is GREAT!! Wow you did an adorable job on the dress if you lived closer I would ask you to make Lanta dresses too! So cute!! Kaitlyn you are so luck that your Momma is so talented :)